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Enviado por La Caldera del Diablo (Contacto, Página)
Fecha: 31 de Diciembre, 2008, 4:34

Te mando un abrazo, feliz año nuevo, y que comiences muy bien el 2009.

Emiliano Penelas
La Caldera del Diablo


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isabel marant baskets une large gamme de styles de conception, et son univers unique brut de fond ont une excellente relation, elle a une mère d'origine allemande (concepteur Christa Fiedler), d'un père fran?ais,Isabel Marant baskets Compensées Beige Blanc Noir vente et l'autre de la région andine Antilles belle-mère, la croissance de fond multi-ethnique, comme en témoigne Isabel Marant (Isabel Marant) Création des costumes,Isabel Marant Vêtements rendant Isabel Marant (Isabel Marant) de mélange de mode de marque du passé et du moderne, entrelacé Afrique, indienne, Antilles trois style unique des cultures Isabel Marant

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Isabel Marant Sneakers say goodbye to the last two quarters more ethnic flavor design, the leisure-oriented fashion with simple lines, coupled with a simple color to create a rustic Isabel Marant Fall big show.Isabel Marant Wedges Beige Natural, comfortable, casual ... to become this season's main tone ... sequined scarves, rivets skirts,Isabel Marant Wedges Brown Gray beaded skirts detail ... for the entire show adds a gorgeous texture isabel marant boots dicker suede.

Isabel Marant White Let us show season to taste layered mix of casual


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Isabel Marant Flagship Store Hawaii is full of spring and summer 2013 women's show on Isabel Marant (Isabel Marant) is a fun printing,Isabel Marant Mall simple small trace of sexy fashion design,Cheap Isabel Marant Sneakers addictive.Isabel Marant Deerskin Boots Easily busy in the background,Isabel Marant Dicker Boots the models were run with the face of the lens put on a variety pose,Isabel Marant Fringe Boots you seem to be able to foresee wearing Isabel Marant (Isabel Marant) fashionable and confident girl walki


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